Saturday, December 31, 2016


I Just Posted My First Episode!

Well you can find the first episode of my podcast The Straight Up Gay Podcast on at I had a great conversation with Allison as she calls herself a baby trans woman.

We plan to follow up with her at the end of 2017 and speak with her a year into her transition.  Don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

You can also listen to the show on iTunes, Google Play, and Pinecast

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pre-Interview Questions

To help make sure that I have something to talk about with my guests on the show. I have come up with some pre-interview questions. They are located online in my google drive HERE and I am also going to embed them in the podcast website.

I have a few guests lined up for the show and will be doing a few interviews this week.  I am getting a little nervous and excited. I hope this goes like I hope it does in my head. Or at least I don't fail at it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Why am I doing this?

     Why am I doing this? I am a straight white cisgender male in the middle class. What reason could I possibly have to want to host a podcast about LGBTQ+ people and issues. I guess my first reason would be, my son. I have been an LGBTQ+ ally for several years now. Since my sophomore year in college at least, but a few years back my teenage son told my wife and I that he was gay. After the initial shock, we spoke about it for a long time. We had so many questions and no where to find answers. I must admit, I wasn't exactly excited my son was gay, but not for the reason that most would think. I wasn't ashamed of him or embarrassed to have a gay son. 

     I was worried. Worried that he will live a life faced with so much unnecessary strife simply because he is gay. I thought he may almost certainly be bullied and harassed as a teen in school. He may have to face the disapproving gaze of less open minded people if he were to walk down the street holding hands with his boyfriend or husband. Will he have to hear the snide remarks of some stupid teenagers who are acting out of fear of what they don't understand.  As parents, we just didn't know what the future held for our son.

    I knew one thing on that first day. No matter what, I would make sure my son knew that first I loved him no matter what and second he is not broken or defective as others might tell him one day.  Over the years we had to take extra time to figure out how to appropriately handle everyday situations that parents of straight children didn't usually think twice about. Like letting his friends spend the night. Because he was gay, could we let his male friends spend the night in the same room? I mean, if he was straight, we wouldn't let a girl spend the night in his room. If we tell him that his friends can't spend the night, would he feel like we were punishing him because he was gay? These are issues that most parents with straight kids don't have to think about. While having a gay son was a big reason for me wanting to host this podcast. It's not the only reason.

     I have other gay family members like cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts or uncles. I love my family and would never want them to experience bigotry simply for being who they are and wanting to love who they want, but while this is another reason I wanted to do this, it's not the main reason.

     The main reason I wanted to host this podcast is because I want to help every LGBTQ+ person live a life in this world free of bigotry.  The reason they are gay is mostly irrelevant. It doesn't matter if they were born that way, they choose to be gay, its a mental or hormonal disorder, or any of the numerous reasons why they love people of the same sex. What matters is they are human beings who, for whatever the reason, love who they love and its not a choice that you can make. Its a feeling you feel, an internal attraction and/or emotion. They should be permitted to love who they want to love and have consensual relationships with those people free from interference or oppression from other people or the government the same as any straight couple experiences.

     That is why I wanted to start this podcast. To bring about the kind of change I want to see in this world. To help all LGBTQ+ people achieve the right to love who they love freely and without judgment. Not because they are related to me, or a friend of mine, but because they are people just like anyone else and they deserve to have the same rights as any straight couple.

    I hope that this podcast will help make this world a better place for LGBTQ+ people and that it is a source for information and entertainment.